The Better Business Bureau is important because as stated on their website, their mission is: “to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust”.  It helps promote more small businesses and gain the trust of customers.  Trust is a big factor in the BBB because it is what they are known for.  The BBB is able to correctly do their jobs of providing the public with an honest platform of business reviews because they are unbiased.  The BBB prevents members of the community from wasting time and money by grading and reviewing local businesses.  This prevents the community from going into business with places that do not deserve it and drive customers to the local businesses with good ratings and service.

The Better Business Bureau does lots for local businesses.  Because they are non-biased, they are reliable.  They are another form of advertisement, and they provide an accurate review and grade on businesses which are accredited.  The BBB helps local businesses earn a positive reputation, and the businesses also have the advantage of using a BBB mark of accreditation in order to stand out among others.  The BBB also handles complaints by resolving them before they become serious lawsuits, which saves money and time.  In the long run, this also stops the stock prices of businesses from going down by preventing a public lawsuit.  In addition, having the mark of accreditation helps attract great employees and customers.  The BBB also assists businesses in marketing and business tips, and how they are working to better the community.  Kihei Pet Supply, which is a BBB accredited business, has an A+ rating.  The positive rating they earned assists them in attracting more customers.  Their customers are also comfortable in knowing that the A+ rating on Kihei Pet Supply is accurate before spending their money and time there.  The BBB greatly benefits both businesses and consumers by providing a non-biased platform which rates local businesses and helps them attract customers.

The BBB is important to the community because it is a useful public platform which rates businesses resulting in the community only supporting better local businesses rather than wasting time and money at bad ones. The relationship of trust between a business and its customers is extremely significant because it is what helps a business grow.  The BBB is what keeps the relationship of trust between a local business and its customers.  The BBB also helps consumers with complaints and often resolves them before they are taken over by the government or cause a serious lawsuit.

The BBB establishes an important relationship of trust between local businesses and consumers because of its honest and correct ratings.  It saves the consumers time and money because it drives them to businesses with high ratings.  It helps businesses grow as well as provides a platform for the community to support companies which deserve the business.  The BBB is beneficial to all members of the community, and definitely accomplishes their mission to serve as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Abbie Alling and I am a senior at Kihei Charter High School, and I have a passion for fashion. I dream of traveling through Europe and pursuing a career in the fashion industry after earning my MBA. I actually discovered my love for fashion and sustainability by moving numerous times throughout my high school career. It was a challenge to have attended four different high schools in Hawaii and Idaho, as it taught me there will be very challenging situations in life that are out of my control. It was through these challenges of moving around I learned what I want to do with my future, so it ended up being a terrific learning opportunity. For my senior project, which is part of our graduation requirements, I saw an opportunity to do something I love, and make a real difference. I came up with the idea to start a student clothing exchange at school. Through opening up this boutique, I have reduced the amount Kihei Charter students contribute to clothing overproduction, as well as help students who are in need of newer clothing that may not be able to afford it. When I was little I loved learning about the environment and thought of being a meteorologist someday. While my ambitions have changed, my love for learning about the earth has not. I’ve spent many hours cleaning beaches in Maui over the years, and realize even small differences can lead to meaningful contributions. Being able to combine my love for fashion and our environment has caused me to be even more passionate about my future.
Receiving this scholarship would greatly assist me in reaching my goal of earning an MBA, with hopefully minimal loans. Please consider me for this terrific scholarship.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
I received honor roll in 9th, 11th, and 12th grade thus far.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Volunteering at the Kihei Charter School after-school program: Playing with kids and helping the adult take care of kids and check them in and out of the after-school program. 
Red Cross Club: Attending meetings and volunteering when needed. Beach cleanups, human volunteer work, and other community engagement.
Rotaract Club: Holding events to raise money such as student art exhibit, or school game night, beach cleanups, and other volunteer work.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
Whether I am sitting in seat one of a Hawaiian outrigger canoe, or stern seat while rowing, leading a crew of six to eight people is one of the biggest leadership roles I have had. In order for a boat to move in a graceful way, each member of the crew must be perfectly in sync. The leadership required to set a pace and a stroke movement that is easy for each crew member to follow is important and takes an immense amount of teamwork and leadership. From leading a crew, I learned how important it is to primarily think about others, and that it takes practice.