The Better Business Bureau “helps people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust.” Margaret Miller, the Executive Director of Resort Operations atNorthern Quest Resort and Casino, agrees. When asked why Northern Quest values its accredited status, she said “the BBB’s validation of businesses helps customers know the products and services they buy are quality.” In an age in which the internet makes reviews of companies more plentiful and inconsistent than ever, it is vital there be a trustworthy source to inform consumers of the integrity of the businesses they frequent. Northern Quest, or “NQ” as it is often colloquially identified, both exemplifies the excellence the BBB upholds and is grateful to be designated an A+ organization.

Northern Quest has developed into one of Spokane, Washington’s largest employers, and the most prestigious curator of a luxury experience. Forbes Travel Guide gives “NQ” a Four StarRating–a hallmark of greatness in hospitality–and describes the location as “an InlandNorthwest destination offering world-class fine dining and a premium spa experience.” Miller attributes the success of “NQ” to the hard work of every individual team member and the organizational ability to remain focused on it’s core values. She also highlights the importance of third parties like Forbes and the BBB that recognise employers who conduct themselves honorably.

The Better Business Bureau helps spread the impeccable standards of high-achieving institutions like Northern Quest to the rest of the private sector. By collecting and categorizing complaints, and “fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers,” the BBB ensures that buyers aren’t manipulated. These are incredibly important visibility tools. Without the BBB, there would be no recourse for individuals harmed by organizations, and the average person would not have a reliable source of data on the places they choose to spend their cash. The BBB’s vision of “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other” crystalizes with every interaction between great companies likeNorthern Quest and the consumer. The validity of both the Better Business Bureau and “NQ” is reinforced by these occurrences, and cities like Spokane benefit from these relationships.Northern Quest has become Spokane’s third largest employer over a nearly two decade existence. Spokane resident Julia Seipp points to the BBB’s certification process as a necessary step in “helping businesses like Northern Quest make a positive economic impact on the entire community.”

The Better Business Bureau protects consumers, increases the economic mobility of communities, and develops improved standards for private companies. Margaret Miller is grateful for the impact the BBB has had on the organization she calls home: “the BBB is a partner for our firm in organizational excellence, helping us ensure the four million guests that visit our property every year leave with positive experiences.” Everyone who exists in the modern market needs an organization that has their best interests in mind. The public should consider itself lucky to have such an effective advocate as the Better Business Bureau.

Tell us a little about yourself
Andru Miller lives in Spokane, WA. He is a senior at Gonzaga Preparatory School. He hopes to attend Seattle University and pursue a career in law, and works with immigrant, homeless, and incarcerated populations as the lead student facilitator of “Margins,” a social justice group at Gonzaga Prep. Andru stresses the importance of intersectional empowerment, and hopes to work specifically with at-risk populations to ensure the preservation of human rights for all. He interned for the New York Times the summer of his sophomore year, living at Fordham University. He worked with NY Times Editor Trish Hall to document refugee issues in rural communities. He is excited for the opportunity to be considered for the BBB Torch Talk scholarship.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Andru Miller
Gonzaga Preparatory School 
Spokane, Washington

High School Activities
Gonzaga Prep Liturgy Club; Lector September 2015- Present 2 hrs/wk
–Lector at Prep’s weekly student mass.
–Lectored all school masses, as well as services hosted by Bishop Thomas Daly.

Looking Glass Literary Magazine Coordinator May 2016- Present 1 hr/wk
–Advertising coordinator and contributor.
–Design, print, and display posters for the magazine, as well as encouraging students to apply over email and announcements. 

National Honors Society; Member January 2017- Present 1 hr/wk
–Serves the Gonzaga Prep community.
–Cleaning the bleachers after games.

Other Involvement
Boy Scouts of America; Eagle Scout September 2013- Present 3 hrs/wk
–Served as the Scoutmaster for Troop 413 in Otis Orchards, Washington.
–Following five years of active service, I received the Eagle Scout rank.

Silver Mountain Ski Team Coach December 2015- March 2017 5 hr/wk
–Mentoring advanced middle school skiers.
–Set race courses for competitive events.

Seattle Jewish Film Festival; Featured Animator March 2018- Present 3 hrs/wk
–Selected as the first headlining animator at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival.
–Requires 2-4 hours of editing a week.

Honors, Awards, and Scores
The School of the New York Times- Opinion Editorial Exemplary Writer August 2016
–Attended an intensive two week Op-Ed writing class taught by executive editor Trish Hall in Manhattan. 
–Was awarded Op-Ed Exemplary Writer by the School of the New York Times. 

Selected Gonzaga Preparatory Margins curriculum writer and facilitator November 2017
–Awarded thousand dollar scholarship to lead 2017/2018 Margins Los Angeles program. 

Naval Academy Summer Seminar; Scholarship Recipient June 2018
–Week long exposure involved intense exercise and scholastic experiences, and was meant to prepare students for military academy life.

Greater Spokane League 2018- First Place Extemporaneous speaker; First Place Impromptu Speaker. June 2018
–Best extemp and impromptu debater in Spokane county and surrounding area. 

Holocaust Center for Humanity- Writing/Film Competition Winner July 2018
–Out of over a thousand entrants, was awarded best film of 2018.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Community Service
Washington Drug Free Youth; Member September 2015- Present 1 hr/wk
–I am a drug and alcohol free student.
–Promote and participate in random voluntary drug and alcohol tests.

Knights of the Leash; Knight March 2018- Present 2 hrs/wk
–Young men’s volunteer organization at Gonzaga Preparatory School.
–Works with local schools and community centers. 

G-Prep Debate Club Co-President September 2016- Present 6 hrs/wk
–Spend one class period per school day teaching novice debaters.
–Assist novice debaters at tournaments.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
I gained leadership skills through my participation in the Boy Scouts of America. During my decade of participation, I dedicated over 200 hours to improving my community as the Senior Patrol Leader of the troop. I worked with the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery to build and install new play equipment for underprivileged youth. The project required a substantial fundraising effort. I networked with several philanthropic institutions in Spokane to obtain the funds. Once the necessary resources were in place, I recruited six scouts to construct the purchased materials into the play structures Vanessa Behan needed. I am honored to be called an Eagle Scout.