Not all companies are accepted by the BBB and those that are need to work with Integrity. Being accepted by the BBB is most meaningful to the potential customers. Most people would think that BBB is a government organization but in all reality it is a non profit organization that is turned to about 100 thousand times per year to see what businesses are ranked top businesses.  However, your fees also pay for the BBB’s dispute resolution service. If a business is accepted by the BBB it means that the business meets all accreditation standards, which in other words means that they make a commitment to resolve all customer complaints with faith.

So wondering how it helps our community? Well customers can generally that businesses with a high BBB rating will be completely honest and responsible for their actions unlike those businesses that are not accepted by this organization, whereas they are more likely to be dishonest with the customer and make the customers gullible to any products or any words they say to those people. The companies that are accepted by the BBB will be on a website listed and those that are listed will get more customers than those without the BBB.

An example of a BBB accepted company would be Northern Lights Yoga in Helena, MT. They were accepted in 2014. The following is a interview with Landecker. Landecker said, “ We are really proud of the way we serve for our community. We are also steadily getting more certificates in other fields and bringing them into our business which leads to more and more people joining the yoga family.” Landecker has lots of Integrity for the work and the customers in his community. They are rated out of letter grade from A+ to a F, their a A+ the highest friendliest rating of all.

It is important for local businesses to have been rated by the BBB( Better Business Bureau) because it shows how they feel about how the company handles their customers and their desired needs. The higher the BBB rates a company, the more trust you can put into that specific business. For example, say that Bob Joe owner a business and the BBB rated his company and gave him a D. The D is very low grading out of a A+ to a F. Thus meaning that this company shouldn’t be trusted easily and you should consider going to a different company. Whereas If Joe Snow’s Company was rated by the BBB and received a A, his company would be very trustworthy and you should do business with him.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that the businesses you go to should be BBB rated. Next time before you go into a company see if the BBB has a rating for them that way you are aware what type of work the company is up too and if the workers take advantage over the customers. You want a company and workers you can trust in and not get screwed over with.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Bridgett Haskins and I am a senior in libby public schools. I am wanting to go to college to become a Phlebotomy or a CMA(Certified Medical Assistant).The reason I am applying for this scholarship is because my family is going through a rough patch in the road and I don’t have any money to go to college.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Throughout high school and middle school I have gotten a award for High Honor Roll and Honor Roll. I have also been awarded throughout high school and middle school for Great and Good Attendence.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Three school-related extra-curricular activities that I am involved in would be running start to get ahead in college work. I am also in a internshi program through the school to help me understand the phlebotomy and CMA medical skills with some handles on experience.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
One leadership role that I have held would be taking a lead in my future. The opportunities that the school has given to the students here are amazing but most of the students take it for granted. So instead of being shy and scared to stand out, I took the opportunity to help out my future.