Holly Carol Angell – Bozeman High School

Reliable? When choosing to donate to a company, people should be able to make sure they know exactly where their money is going and how it will be used. So many new groups are being created today for a variety of different causes. It can be difficult to determine if the cause and the organization […]

Erin Elizabeth McKinney – Bozeman High School

Safety in a Modern Market In the modern world, it’s impossible to escape technology. With cookies on every website, media caters every pop-up to our taste, and it’s difficult to know whether you’re being led onto safe sites. However, trustworthy websites and organizations are not just leaving consumers to trip into a web of dark […]

Emily Jo Daniels – Bozeman High School

Online shopping is an activity that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s technology-reliant society, for better or for worse. Currently, consumers are able to seek out and purchase whatever they desire from the internet. But although the ease with which items can be obtained from online is beneficial to many people, it also […]

Kelsey Victoria Gosch – Billings West High School

For a donor, evaluating a charity or a company can be a major task involving many hours of research and diligence. Unfortunately, scammers have been able to deceive many people for years in believing that they are a real charity that deserves money. By using websites like the BBB Wise Giving Alliance or the IRS […]

Elizabeth Drew Stern – Bozeman High School

How to Know That You Are Dealing with a Trustworthy Company In today’s day and age, many people shop online and never actually set foot in the store that they are purchasing products from.  People are finding the convenience of shopping online too alluring to pass up.  A simple click of a button gives us […]