Laurel Shannon Bice – Gresham High School

We live in a world where more and more transactions take place virtually. Applying to colleges is done online, from the application and essay questions to paying deposits and signing up for housing. The search for scholarships is almost completely online. There are more websites than I can count that offer to help me find […]

Corinne Nicole Hines – La Grande High School

Purchasing merchandise online is very convenient and accessible. However, there is nothing worse than falling into the schemes of a scam, or thinking a purchase is from a trustworthy company only to find that the business is unreliable. Even so, there are many ways of protecting oneself when online shopping. This includes strategies as easy […]

Nayantara Kapoor Arora – St. Mary’s Academy

Applying to college is challenging. Financial burdens aside, the seemingly endless components of an application– ranging from transcripts, essays, to test scores– can overwhelm. Students applying for higher education have risen steadily over several years. Notable industries serving demands for standardized test preparation, are a lucrative niche of the college application process. A year ago, […]

Ethan Harrison Hansen – McMinnville High School

When attempting to reduce my risk of falling victim to scams, particularly scams on the internet, I find that taking all electronic devices in my house and throwing them into a dumpster is the most effective. Barring that as an option, there are certainly less drastic measures we can all take to help lower the […]

Jessica Janay Lincoln – Liberty High School

Having grown up in a digital world, my generation considers itself to be tech savvy. We tend to know more about cell phones, tablets, apps, computers and just about anything digitally operated than our parent’s generation. So why then, is my generation amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to online scams? The very fact […]