When you walk into the door of Thinker’s Cap Academy (TCA), you are greeted immediately by a chorus of “Who’s that?” from multiple children, with a baby crying in the background and an over-excited toddler shouting to his friend. It is an overwhelming scene that doesn’t immediately inspire trust. Though the scene may be overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with it: children are curious, toddlers are loud, and babies cry. A prospective parent having a reason to trust TCA, a daycare, before walking through the doors means they already have a good first impression and are willing to look past the initial overwhelming atmosphere in order to learn more about TCA.

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating can give a parent that initial level of trust. By simply looking up the business on the BBB website, a parent can see that the daycare has a good rating and no negative reviews. This gives them the confidence needed to set up a meeting with the owner and a tour of the daycare to continue building confidence.

The owner of TCA, Martha Thomas, works to maintain the trust parents have in the business represented by the BBB rating. From Christmas parties to end of the year performances,Martha ensures that the daycare has a level of transparency that enables parents to trust TCA enough to relinquish the responsibility for the health and safety of their child to the daycare. TheBBB rating does not come about in a vacuum. Consumers recognize that it is a reflection of the business itself and businesses such as TCA work hard to maintain good standing on BBB.

The BBB can give parents (and other consumers) further comfort by ensuring that if they do have issues, they can go through the BBB to help get the issue resolved. Have a pathway to resolve any conflict indicates a willingness to work through any problems and a willingness to adjust to new needs. This is something that would be attractive to any consumer, but is especially so to parents looking for care for care for their child.

If TCA did not have the good standing on BBB that it does, parents would not be likely to trust them. As fewer parents chose TCA as their provider, TCA would be forced to close, allowing consumers to ensure the businesses in their community are not harmful ones.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and business-consumer relationships are no different. While business owners must foster that trust themselves, BBB can provide an initial base of trust. The ratings system on BBB allows customers to showcase the best businesses while ignoring the worst. This results in the winnowing of local businesses to only the ones that consumers trust, such as TCA, making them more likely to use these business. This process, assisted by the BBB and the trust it helps build, creates a booming local economy and, as prosperous, trustworthy businesses grow, so does the community, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

Tell us a little about yourself
I have wanted to go into the medical field as long as I can remember. From the time I was in preschool, my interest in medicine has been evident. However, my decision to go into nursing was much more recent, and the same factors that influenced my decision to go into nursing have influenced every aspect of my life.
At age fourteen, I discovered that I was pregnant. I did not want any of what happened to me, let alone the pregnancy, and during that time I felt more alone and scared than I ever have before. During this time, my nurses were some of the only people that made me feel as if I was worthy of controlling my own life and like I deserved the best care in all aspects of my life.
Though they were only in my life for two days, these nurses exhibited a care for me that I had not experienced in a long time. Their small acts of kindness made the process of giving birth and giving my child up for adoption so much easier than it otherwise would have been.
It was then that I completely decided on nursing as a career. I wanted to be to other people what they had been to me. They, and others like them, have made me appreciate the small acts of kindness that can change a person’s day. I live my life differently now. I smile at the people I see, even if I don’t know them well.I think about what I say, because I don’t know what someone else is going through. I work hard, trying to make each person’s day a little easier and working towards my goal of becoming a nurse.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
From my high school, I have been awarded two certificates of excellence, one for Algebra II, awarded sophomore year, and one for Chemistry, awarded junior year. These certificates signify that I was at the top of my class in the subject, showed a complete understanding of the subject matter, and went beyond what was expected of me in class. Though I have not yet been awarded it, I have met the requirements for our schools Scholar of Distinction Diploma, awarded to students who have a high GPA, have taken a certain number of advanced classes, and have shown to be active in club or sport activities. This also puts me on track for valedictorian, though again that has not be awarded.
From outside organizations, I have been awarded the AP Scholar award and have received a National Merit Scholar Commendation, both from the College Board. I was awarded the AP Scholar award for having passed three AP tests with at least a three. In my case, I got two fives and a four on my three tests. My commendation was awarded based on my score on the 2017 PSAT/NMSQT, which placed me in the top 2-3% of eligible students taking the test.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Science Alliance: I was a member of the science club at my high school during my junior year. This initially involved completing after school experiments designed by the president of the club and approved by the adviser, but for almost half of the year I was the only participant showing up. This meant that meetings typically consisted of the chemistry teacher and I messing about with a variety of experiments, my favorite of which was attempting to form bismuth crystals. Typically, he would suggest a scientific concept to test, help me find the materials, and then grade papers while I tested the concept in whichever way I felt best.
Key Club: I am an active member of this club this year. It consists of monthly meetings and a variety of volunteer experiences. We are required to complete a certain number of hours each year to be considered an active member. I complete most of my hours by volunteering four hours weekly at the local hospital, but I also participate in a variety of club events, including volunteering at elementary school events and assisting in the eighth grade visit night. 
M3 Challenge Team: The M3 Challenge is a math modeling challenge that I and a team of three others participated in this year. This consisted of meeting twice weekly once the team was formed to practice math modeling with the assistance of our coach, the calculus teacher. This experience culminated in a 14 hour online math competition, where we had 14 continuous hours to submit our answer to a three-part question. For each part, we had to create an equation or metric to solve the problem. We submitted our final 16 page answer with approximately 30 seconds left on the clock.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
I have held a variety of leadership roles in a local scout troop, American Heritage Girls Troop 0207. Most recently, in my junior year of high school, I held the position of the senior girl leader and of the junior high/high school unit leader. The position of senior girl leader meant I often opened and closed unit meetings, I helped organize events, I lead many events, and I served as a liaison between the girls and the adult leaders. This is a position I have held on and off since seventh grade, with me periodically pushing another girl to stretch herself by taking on the role. Leading the meetings of the junior high and high school girls meant I had to prepare the majority of the badge work for weekly meetings and then instruct my peers in various ways in the meetings. I also had to organize outside events for the unit. For example, for one of our badges we had to plan a social event, so I coordinated the efforts of the girls in creating menus, decorations, seating charts, etc for our annual mother-daughter tea. This included organizing shopping trips and a day to meet to make all of the food, as well as assigning jobs to each girl and monitoring her progress. This job was a stretch for me, but there was no one else (child or adult) willing to take on the role. At the end of it, I felt like I had grown a lot in my leadership ability. I knew the girls better, and I knew exactly how to play to each of their strengths while still pushing them to stretch themselves. This was a great learning opportunity for me, and I feel like I learned many skills I would not have learned elsewhere.