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Jing Ting Zheng – Kalani High School

Imagine a world where the trustworthy of a business cannot be determined. You made a donation for a person with leukemia under a charity that has vague trustworthiness. Did your donation actually go through? Where did your money go? Many people can relate this to their own lives, often wondering if the company or charity was trustworthy and falling into these traps. So what is trustworthy?

Trustworthy is when something is deserving of trust or confidence, dependable, or reliable. Trustworthy can also be defined by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited logo. When researching a company or charity online, provides consumers with general reports and vital information regarding businesses in the community. The website contains consumer reviews, resolved and unresolved claims against the company, and general ratings ranging from A+ to F. Users can search for businesses and submit a request if the business is not listed. Companies and charities can be trusted if they are superior examples of integrity by demonstrating ethics, respect, and purpose. Additionally, businesses can be trusted if they have addressed customer concerns in a prompt and acceptable manner. Organizations with working contact information and a real street address can also be used to determine if the company is trustworthy. BBB provides extensive knowledge regarding potential scams or frauds in the society today. Especially during times of crisis, people are more likely to make irrational decisions and fall into scams in which their money will be lost.

Now, imagine a world with the Better Business Bureau, shedding light on trustworthy companies and charities. By that means, BBB provides consumers with an ethical marketplace where trust is truly exemplified.

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