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Holly Carol Angell – Bozeman High School


When choosing to donate to a company, people should be able to make sure they know exactly where their money is going and how it will be used. So many new groups are being created today for a variety of different causes. It can be difficult to determine if the cause and the organization are worth sending money towards and how much of the money will actually be put towards the cause. There are many fake organizations on the internet that can look very legitimate if one was to just glance at the website. However, there are many tips and websites that can be helpful to determine if an organization is worth the time and money.

When going to the companies actual website it is important that professionalism is expressed on their website as well as contact information. Reviewing professionalism includes checking for spelling errors on the website as well as contradictory information. Both of these are red flags that make the website seem as if it were put together very quickly without much reviewing. Another red flag on a website is if the website includes a bunch of generic photos. This means the photos are not actually taken by the company and the photos were taken right off the internet. When pictures are provided of company products as well of pictures of the actual office building this can be a sign that it is a ligament company. Contact information on the website can also be helpful to see if a company is reliable. By making sure there is a real phone number and address can determine if the company is reachable and able to answer any questions that customers may have about their business (Lewis). These website reviewing tips can help customers determine if the site is trustworthy or not.

A website that can help determine if a company is legit is the Better Business Bureau. The website allows users to plug in a companies name and then directs the user to information about the company. This information can include consumer reports and complaints from people who have worked with the business in the past. The website also includes past scams with the company as well as fraud trends that have occurred  (Lewis). The Better Business Bureau will rate the company based on twenty standards that they have developed to ensure that the company is legit (Montali). The rating on the company at hand is expressed through a letter grade like A+, A, A-, B+, and so on (“Start”). If the company scores low then this could potentially mean that the business is not reliable and therefore should not be trusted (Lewis). This website is a fast and easy way to look up businesses and get dependable results.

With the knowledge on how to evaluate a website and use the Better Business Burea, consumers can trust that they are doing business with companies they can trust. This way of background checking companies can eliminate possible scams out on the internet. Overall, when the public is educated on how to evaluate a company, money can be safely donated and distributed to the cause at hand.

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