Trust has been an important part of busines for as long as people have traded for goods. Buying, selling, trading, as well as physical work historically had many social interactions involved, as businesses were often smaller and were usually closer to the community. Looking at many other countries, open air markets are a common meeting place for the people in the community to negotiate and agree on what they feel an item is worth. The people involved must feel that they are being treated fairly, and hold the other person accountable for the goods they are receiving in order for the customer to feel they should come back. This system has worked for centuries for these nations, and for the local communities throughout the United States history. But in these recent years of technology and the always changing ways of purchasing goods, something is missing in the way we go about purchasing things.

People need to be able to hold the company or business person accountable for the goods or work being provided. People knew the business owners’ names, and could use their reputation as a way to keep business honest. This trust and reputation created an agreement between the consumer and the business that they would be receiving a good product at a fair price. If the consumer felt that they were not being treated fairly they were able to share their experience with community members.

Today people are buying more goods online at an enormous rate, and having items shipped straight to their doors. The process takes little to no human interaction, and this has been known to have both positive and negative outcomes. Large companies that may own super markets and other businesses may have many levels of authority throughout the company, and this can sometimes make it hard to report an issue that will be seen by someone who may make a change.

If people feel that they want to express their feelings about a company whether its positive or negative, they can do so in a few different ways. Companies usually have consumer reviews, where the customers comments may be seen by the company. The consumer may also contact organizations like the Better Business Bureau, which will help solve complaints and help search for a resolution from the desired company. The Better Business Bureau also helps consumers look to see if the business is trusted, and help make that person feel secure knowing that they are going to receive a good product. Anyone may look on their website and search for companies such as A.R. Building of Roseburg Oregon, which is an accredited business to the bureau. They can also look at the ratings and consumer reviews of companies all over the United States, and get an idea of the company they plan to do business with.

Our world has moved on to a new way of buying goods or doing business, and many people don’t have much trust in the companies they work with. The Better Business Bureau is trying to make the open market a better place, by building the trust between the consumers and the business they utilize throughout their day to day lives.

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I was born and raised in Roseburg and the near by cities in the area, and I have quite a lot of family around the area. I am a senior at Roseburg High School, and plan to move onto Fireman Paramedic. I enjoy doing things around the great landmarks around the area, and really don’t have any desire to leave this great community.
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I have not received and awards at this time.
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I work with many different people, gathering work experience. I ride my motorcycle on trips alone, or with other family on sometimes multiple day trips. I also enjoy exploring the rural regions of the area, finding new places to explore in this mountain covered landscape.
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I’m a student aid in my welding class at Roseburg High School. I help teach both new and upcoming welders within the program, and assist the teacher with other tasks around the shop. I have done this for roughly three years, but have taken the class for almost four.