The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been a part of accrediting businesses for credibility and validity since 1912. One of the businesses that have been certified with an A+grade that indicates reliability and respectable service is “Alexander Davis Clothing, LLC”.Alexander Davis is a small clothing business that provides quality fine men’s clothing in the local Boise, Idaho community. The store was established in 1891 and has exhibited its professionalism and expertise ever since. I called in to schedule a meeting with a sales representative of a higher position, and I was met with exactly that. Notably, I was faced with Kevin Hadway, the head suits salesman at Alexander Davis. Hadway sat me in the back room showing behind the scenes of their clothing production and the inventory that they hold. Alone this room showed how comfortability was valued by the staff. Walking in with my $100 dollar suit jacket, I felt inferior to their high quality clothing. Hadway asserted that the reason why they put quality over quantity as they do, is that, “We are the best in Idaho, and we can’t be matched with our quality and personalization”. This bold statement can be justified through Alexander Davis’s reviews and ratings on the BBB review page. Being in business since 1891, they’ve had their fair share of recession and expansion, however the way they get around these times is by keeping their vision straightforward and focused on their goal of “keeping men looking sharp and feeling comfortable”, ultimately improving their rating on BBB.

Alexander Davis has staff with over 30 years of experience, thus making the staff a very experienced group of people, dedicated to the fashion industry and keeping their customers needs satisfied through the Better Business Bureau . I asked them, “What does it take to become a part of the team, here at Alexander Davis?”, in which Hadway answered, “Being able to listen to customers and be able to personalize their suits and shirts is crucial, because they’re so many different suits now, that each person has a different figure and want. Using the BBB system has helped us gain clients and help us keep our image significantly.” Alexander Davis’s care for customer satisfaction plays a huge role in their rating. Hadway claims their rating on BBB to be“something to take pride in and to be an honor. Kevin believes that the BBB is a rating system that helps the consumer find out if they can trust the business. He says humorously to relate to today, “They are the old school yelp. They’re more official than somebody writing something down on the internet.” In end, Hadway stated that they’re ultimately proud to have the rating they do and they should be expecting that rating because of the way they conduct their business. TheBetter Business Bureau has helped them find business and others find them. This system results in the local Boise community to stay connected and ensure security when evaluating and conducting business.

Tell us a little about yourself
I come from a deeply rooted Vietnamese household, and engraved in me are the ideas and principles of discipline, education, and hard work. In addition to that, my family has always had stereotypical dreams of me becoming a doctor or lawyer. Sacrificing their own educational careers by coming over to America so that I could pursue their dreams, I’ve always had pressure to perform well and show to my parents and family that I appreciate what they have done. However, I have risen and taken my own path, straying away from their visions, in pursuit of my own passion in fashion and business. I’d love to prove to my family that I don’t have to be a doctor or lawyer to be successful, because in my eyes, pursuing this passion of mine is success in itself. Successfully, I’ve managed my own clothing business, “Le Cloth”, since the beginning of 2019. This business has always been lurking in the back of my head yearning for implementation since freshman year of high school. I’d love to get outside of my comfort zone to pursue and further my education of business and fashion at Washington State University. Being faced with adversity and held to such high standards, I’d love to exceed those standards, however, in my own way and taking my own route. Majoring in business will help further my knowledge on how to sell my clothing and execute business efficiently. In advancing my business skills, I participate in DECA, a business club at school. Within this club we have partaken in many community service activities, consisting of; Rake-up Boise, Make-A-Wish, and KTVB Shares. This program has made me a better businessman, and person in general. The art of business has made me the best version of myself.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
2017-2018: AP Scholar
2017-2018: Outstanding junior gpa
2017-2018: Senators Choice
2016-2017: Student of month
2015-2016: Student of month
2015-2016: Award of Achievement GPA
2016-2018: Honor Role
2015-2016: Freshman Championship basketball
2015-2017: Basketball for High School
2018-2019: Classiest Dresser
2019-2020: DECA 2nd Place SCDC

This compiled list of awards and achievements are not the representation of me as a whole, however it does illustrate and showcase how I have been recognized in my educational career. One of the award that I am most proud of is the “Senior Classiest Dresser” award. This awards means a lot to me because I make an effort everyday to show up to school and present myself kempt and professional, ultimately showing that I care. Having my own clothing business, this award in itself is free advertising. Exhibiting to my peers a very exemplar figure and leader to take after. The AP Scholar award is something I’m very proud as well, having taken a total of 9 AP classes, I hope to earn more awards in regards to AP classes. My GPA has always been at or above 4.0, and I take a lot of pride in this because it displays my academic rigor and perseverance throughout my high school career. With basketball, I have participated and played a total of 3 years, however, I had to put it on a pause to focus on my academic career. Ultimately, these awards will always be a part of me and exhibit a portion of who I am.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Throughout my entire educational career, I believe that I’ve always went above and beyond, to not only fulfill my parents aspirations, but mostly for my own. Helping others while being a part of extracurriculars that support the ideas and morals behind charity, donating, and fundraising for good causes has helped shape me into the person I am. The first extracurricular I partake in is the business program here at Borah called the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). This program has taught me how to network and create relationships that last a lifetime. A clear example of this is during State competitions when I acquired a handful of friends from North Star Charter School. These friends have helped me learn how to conduct other lines of business such as Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing, aside from my personal clothing business. DECA also helps donate to Make-A-Wish and has done three years of Rake-Up Boise. This extracurricular has helped me become a better person with more friends and more enjoyment in life. Another extracurricular I’ve partaken in is Borah basketball, a basketball team that help me build a band of brothers that will always have my back, even outside of the sport. We, as a team went out and help fundraise money for Seven Cares Seven Shares, a charity for families in need during christmas time of 2017. I will never forget how how much these things have helped me to execute my third extracurricular activity, my own clothing business. My own clothing business became a grade for me when I started it during sophomore year as a creative brand project. This project has helped me build the foundation and actually come to life, ensuring that I have the ability to pursue my passion more efficiently.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
Running my own business has taught me a lot of things along the criteria of being a leader and what it takes to be one. Being a leader has helped me in all things that I do, in school and outside of school. Being vice president of DECA, has taught me a lot about how much help it takes and how much work it is to even be vice president. Taking on this position has taught me about how even the lower positions in life, can posses leadership roles. Being the vice president of DECA has taught me many communication skills, networking skills, marketing skills, and an overall knowledge of what it takes to be the captain of my fate. With my job at my uncle’s Pho restaurant, I’ve also been able to exhibit leadership as head chef and leading manager when my uncle isn’t present. However, I’d love to especially mention how I’ve held the leadership role with my own personal clothing business, “Le Cloth”. Having LeCloth planned since my sophomore year, I initially started it up towards the beginning of 2019 with goals of succeeding. With it being a start-up brand, I’ve had to face many situations where I had to lead and set an example for my associates and friends. Staying up late to balance school and preparing the next clothing line drop has been a clear example of this. Taking 5 advanced placement classes and having a clothing line on the side is very difficult to manage, however I make it work to help shed light on my situation and show to my friends, family, and fellow associates that anything is possible with hard work, time, and dedication.