Businesses are constantly competing to give the community the best services and products. One of the most important businesses in Meridian Idaho right now is the home building service. Meridian is one of the fastest growing cities in America so making sure there is enough living space for everyone is important. Brighton Homes specializes in building beautifully designed, energy efficient homes and is also BBB accredited. I interviewed Mark Bitterli who works as a price estimator for the custom homes division. He has been with the company for four years helping customers make life long decisions.

I asked Mark how the Better Business Bureau affects Brighton Homes. He said, “If customers were unsatisfied with Brighton they would not stay but because we are BBB accredited and hold ourselves to higher standard, customers are pleased with the service.” It is said that once a business is BBB accredited it holds a “gold standard of an ethical business.” Mr. Bitterli said he believes that Brighton Homes holds the same standard. Mark said that holding a gold standard and producing good products is part of Brighton’s mission statement. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau is said to make a business stand out from competitors.

I asked Mark if he has seen Brighton gain more respect than their competitors. Mark replied, “Yes, a majority of our customers come from out of state and when they are doing research on housing companies and see that our business is BBB accredited, they feel much better about doing business with us.”

One of the last questions that I asked Mr. Bitterli was if the Better Business Bureau was helping Brighton grow as a company. Mark Bitterli was very pleased to answer. When the company gets more positive reviews from happy customers, it tends to attract new potential clients. He said that being able to work with such a successful company that takes pride in their service is a wonderful opportunity. He is helping create living spaces that are beautifully designed and energy efficient for the fastest growing city in Idaho.

Brighton Homes is a perfect example of how Trust and the Better Business Bureau are helping local businesses become more successful. Trust allows businesses to be aware of current events, scams, and programs taking place in the area. This is important because local communities now have an additional resource to depend on. Overall, I had a very positive and educational experience being able to learn about how the BBB is affecting my home town so positively.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a junior in high school and I am passionate about animals and music. I have been in marching band at my high school for three years now and taken multiple leadership camps to advance in the program. Throughout high school I have taken animal science, botany, zoology and now fish and wild life and small animal care classes. In the small animal care class I am currently taking, we get to learn about different breeds and how to properly care for animals, and make a safe environment for them. I hope to continue onto college majoring in animal science and minoring in forestry. I love being outdoors and camping with my family. I am also interested in photography. I enjoy taking pictures of people and nature and being able to capture memories in time. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and volunteering for my community. I have participated in Rake up Boise which is a community effort to rake leaves out of yards for those who can’t, for many years and also volunteered at the local zoo for three summers. I have been a girl scout for ten years now and helped with many community service activities like Warm Hearts, Toasty Toes where the community gathered socks to give those in need and helping to donate to women and children shelters.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
For two years straight, I received a varsity letter in marching/ symphonic band. To earn these letters, students have to participate in all school activities involving the band, attend outside concerts and professional concerts, and demonstrate high levels of participation throughout the year. I am working towards receiving a letter this year as well and would like to try for one my senior year of high school. Throughout middle school, I received perfected attendance awards. I became an honor roll student and strived for perfect grades. While being involved with girl scouts, I received many awards such as my bronze and silver awards. To be awarded the bronze award, our troop partnered with the Ronald McDonald house to help those in need. We donated and built seating areas outside so people could enjoy nature. For the silver award, we spent months gathering supplies such as soaps and towels and teddy bears to give to the women’s shelters. It was a very rewarding experience to give back to the community.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
One of my favorite extra-curricular activities is marching band. Our band meets for the first two weeks of August to learn marching techniques and prepare for our season. Every person has leadership opportunities throughout the season and every person is able to participate. I have met amazing people all three years that allow me to grow as a person and strive for goals that I never thought could be possible. The next extra-curricular activity I participate in is jazz band. I have only been a part of my high school jazz band for one year now but it is truly an amazing experience. We travel to different venues to explore the jazz culture and gain experience by playing with different people. I do not have any further plans to continue my musical education past high school, but regardless being in jazz band has opened my eyes to completely new ideas and possibilities. Another one of the extra-curricular activities i enjoy is photography. I have taken the class for three years now and have plans to take it my senior year. We are given a subject and have a few days to go out and photograph the subject while learning about your own camera and different aspects of photography.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
One of the most important leadership roles that I have held was volunteering at the zoo. For my first two years I was learning how to comfortably talk to visitors and run the exhibits. During my third year however, I obtained a role as a mentor/ leader to incoming zoo teens. I had newer volunteers shadow me throughout the day until they understood how to run the exhibits themselves. I would then observe their actions and step in if they needed assistance. One of my favorite parts of my day was running exhibits. There were usually two to three people running an exhibit. At the entrance, you explained the safety rules and guidelines so that the animals and people would be safe, in the middle the zoo teen would answer question and tell the visitors facts. Another very important part that came with becoming a leader was animal handling. The more years and experience a teen has, the higher the level of animal can be handled. I started off helping new teens hold cockroaches and walking sticks. I showed them how to hold them safely and what to teach visitors. At the end of every summer, the staff would write evaluations for all the teens that included things that went well and how they could improve upon skills. The staff was very pleased with my time commitment throughout the summer and how hard I worked