The presence of technology in our world today has opened a new approach to the relationship between consumers and businesses. When looking for a business to take care of their needs, presently, a consumer will likely turn to the endless world of what is available online. On the internet is an overwhelming amount of businesses to access, and because of the excessive amount of online reviews and review sites, finding a good business can be a discouraging task. No one wants to receive help from a bad company, but how can one find the better business? The Better Business Bureau has effectively created a professional review system used by millions that solidifies trust between the consumer and the business.

The Better Business Bureau is a reliable source for finding the best business for any consumer. Now more than ever, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is important for local businesses and consumers. It offers professional reviews of businesses through their extensive grading and application process. Pointe Pest Control, a local business located in Post Falls, Idaho, is a BBB-approved business that understands the significance of the Better Business Bureau for their business and, in turn, the consumers in their community. The owner, Jacob Borg, says that “Many consumers still rely on the BBB. There are lots of places such as Yelp that have online reviews, but the BBB monitors their reviews. Plus, the businesses [BBB certified] have to actually respond to complaints and reviews to maintain a good grade.”  The system of the BBB helps people in communities understand on which local businesses they can rely. Instead of looking to unreliable online reviews, customers can instead look to the BBB for their business needs. Borg says that it helps sell their services to customers that have never used Pointe Pest Control. One of the most beneficial aspects of the BBB is its ability to create trust between community consumers and local businesses.

One of the requirements for a BBB certified business is trustworthiness. No consumer is going to employ a business they do not trust. There are many different ways a business can create trust with their customers. For example, Pointe Pest Control puts an extra effort into making sure their outward appearance is coordinated. Pointe Pest Control has identical trucks and all their employees are professionally dressed in a uniform. Borg explains that their clean and orderly business model generates the relationship of trust that is so vital for the consumer. The BBB displays a local business’ trustworthiness to consumers and helps them decide which businesses to trust. The BBB gives clarity to consumers in communities and highlights the important elements, such as trust, of local businesses.  An essential bond of trust is made between local businesses and individuals in communities with the Better Business Bureau.

Tell us a little about yourself
I love experiencing new things by learning, going out of my comfort zone, and taking advantage of opportunities and activities. Even though I learn at school, I realized that I learn a lot when I travel as well. I love to travel and always learn from new places and experiences. I also learn by trying new things such as taking a new class and learning new skills. I took a pottery class and a weights class, both classes I would not have even thought to take. I’m glad I took the classes, I have learned many skills from those classes and experienced a lot of different things. I find that when ever I try something that I am slightly uncomfortable with, I often experience new and exciting things, enjoying them much more than I thought I would. I really like to go skiing, but at first the thought of speeding down a steep slope on two sticks was very scary and uncomfortable. Now it is one of my favorite activities. I taught myself how to play the ukulele and I was asked to teach it to a group of my peers. Again, this was a scary and uncomfortable thought, but the new understanding I gained from teaching an instrument was exhilarating and worthwhile. I also love to take advantage of the activities around me that allow me to try new things. I enjoy the extra-curricular activities offered at my school and outside of my school as well. I love the contemporary experiences that come with participating in sports and the clubs and leadership positions I am a part of too. I shape my life around taking in the amazing things offered around me with the people that I love spending time with, which is my family and my friends. As I progress in my life, I plan to attend a 4-year college and continue to seize the experiences life throws at me.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Throughout my schooling career, I have consistently been on the honor roll and received many Renaissance Scholar Awards for my grades. I have received several Individual Outstanding Scholar awards in soccer, basketball, and track for maintaining a 4.0 GPA through sports. In junior high school I received the Hawk Award which was given to two students in our junior high for displaying extreme citizenship and involvement in our school and community. I received this award for starting a school newspaper and leading a group of students to design and construct our first-ever school newspaper. This year, I competed in speech districts for the first time. I was selected in the top third in my division and I will soon be competing at the state competition for my speech in the ‘Sales’ category.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
I love participating in extra-curricular activities because it makes me feel more connected to my school, meet new people, and learn things I can use in my everyday life. I participate in sports all year round because it keeps me active, and I get to compete and grow with the amazing people on my teams. In the fall I play on the varsity soccer team as a center defender. Even though our team has had rough games and rough seasons, we work hard to improve every time we step on the field. I have received awards from soccer as the Most Improved Player, and the Hawk Award (an award for the most encouraging and inspirational player, selected by my teammates). After soccer, I transition to basketball in the winter. This year, our varsity basketball team battled our way to the state tournament for the first time in ten years. In the past I have participated in track, but this spring I will be competing in tennis. I also am a part of our ASB student council at Lakeland High School. We spend an entire semester planing big school events such as Homecoming, assemblies, dances, fundraisers, and Battle for the Paddle. Battle for the Paddle is a giant spirit competition we compete in against our rival school, Sandpoint High School. This year we beat Sandpoint and took home the paddle! Lastly, I am a member of the National Honors Society. We are required to do ten hours of service for NHS, and this year I volunteered at a blood drive we hosted at our school. Sports, student council, and National Honors Society allow me to be a part of something bigger than just my own personal life, by getting more involved with our school and community.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
I have been involved in student council for the past four years as Treasurer, Class President, and I am currently the ASB Vice President of Lakeland High School. As a student council officer, I have attended the Idaho Association of Student Council State Conference on three separate occasions. At this conference, I met several other student council members and attended classes to learn how to improve our schools and communities and improve my own personal leadership skills. Also during this conference, student council members who are in their Junior year can run for a president position over their region in Idaho. Our school is in the North Idaho Region I/II. This year, I was elected to the position of Region I/II President of the Idaho Association of Student Councils. I will serve over the next year with three other region presidents to lead the student leaders of Idaho.