BBB and Trust are important to local communities and businesses because there is a lot of room for deception and corruptness in business. The importance of trust in business is so a relationship can be made between the business and its customers, clients, stakeholders, and employees. The BBB Standards for Trust that aim to keep trust in business. Building trust, advertising honestly, transparency, honored promises, responsiveness, safeguarding, and integrity are the eight standards that the BBB wants to promote businesses to uphold. It’s really good to have businesses that are encouraged to uphold these standards for the good of the consumers because if there was no kind of standard being followed by different businesses and charities then the consumers could be scammed way more easily. One of the biggest concerns would be false advertising. Advertising is a huge part of how businesses operate and if the products or services being advertised aren’t honest or accurate then it lures more people into spending their money on something they didn’t sign up for.

The Youth In Need charity is a nonprofit child and family services agency whose mission is to build a strong foundation and to build strength in youth and in their families so they can have a safe, successful future. The organization started as an emergency shelter in Missouri when the homeless and runaway kids were being housed in jails. They serve over 9,000children and family members a year and have expanded their reach. Children receive counseling in schools, homeless children still get housing assistance, they learn life skills, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies for schools and clothes and food. The organization also helped children with disabilities and preparing kids for kindergarten.

Any business or charity has their own pros and cons and Youth In Need is no exception.Many people said that Youth In Need was a great place to work with a great environment, and the culture there was very friendly and helpful. Others said that Youth In Need had terrible management and that the administration office didn’t care. Some said that the agency didn’t care so much about helping the youth but for caring for the organization’s reputation and that there was no concern for fairness in the organization. Some people thought that the culture of trust and transparency was wonderful and that’s exactly the kind of thing the BBB encourages in their accredited charities and businesses. Many employees and former employees think that theYouth In Need definitely focuses on the principles of trust in the work environment. There were some issues of fairness depending on the management, but most could say that the goals of the business were kept. The Youth In Need charity uses the BBB standards to run their organization in a way that will benefit families in need for a better future.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Tamia but I go by Tia. I’m going to turn 18 in one week and I’m super excited to be an adult. I work hard in school but I love hanging out with my friends as much as possible and spending lots of time with family because that’s what matters the most to me. I live in Hawaii and I love it because there’s a unique culture here that I love since it makes everyone like a family. I my favorite animal is an otter because they’re cute and feisty. I love traveling the world more than almost anything. Going abroad to other countries is my favorite because then you can see how different the culture is from here and I love experiencing that. My favorite food is fried chicken and my favorite thing to drink is coffee because I’m dependent on it during long nights when I’m going homework. I’ve been looking forward to college for as long as I can remember because I’ve always wanted to go live somewhere else for a change to get a different experience than what I’ve had here. New experiences and beginnings are super exciting to me and I’m ready for what the next year will bring.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Excellent Academic Achievement Honor Roll (3.5 GPA or higher): 9th grade
Honolulu Marathon Finisher (December 9, 2018)
Superior Academic Achievement Honor Roll (4.0 GPA or higher): 10th grade
Superior Academic Achievement Honor Roll (4.0 GPA or higher): 11th grade
Superior Performance in Dramatic Interpretation at the District Tournament (February 2018)
Speech & Debate State Qualifier in Dramatic Interpretation (April 2018)
Science Olympiad 3rd Place for Thermodynamics at the Iolani Invitational (November 2017)
Science Olympiad 3rd Place for Anatomy & Physiology at WCC Regionals (February 2013)
Science Olympiad 1st Place for Water Quality at WCC Regionals (February 2013)
Science Olympiad 3rd Place for Bridge Building at the Iolani Invitational (November 2014)
Science Olympiad 3rd Place for Bridge Building at the WCC Regionals (February 2015)
Science Olympiad 2nd Place for Anatomy & Physiology at WCC Regionals (February 2016)
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
I’ve participated in volleyball from the time I was in seventh grade, and I made the varsity team in sophomore year. Practice for two hours every day after school and fighting for playing time taught me competition, perseverance, and teamwork. Working hard during volleyball season allowed me to get on the starting lineup and it made me fight even harder to keep my playing spot. 

I have been a member of my school’s Science Olympiad team since sixth grade. That gave me new scientific learning experiences on subjects I couldn’t learn in the classroom like Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, and many others. At regional and state competitions I compete with my teammates against some of the best schools in the state and it’s always fun and I learn a lot. 

Speech and debate helped me as a person for the better. Now I have much better presentation skills, and it’s way easier for me to speak up and talk to people than before. I learned a lot about acting and debating and how difficult those tasks really are and I have so much respect for the people in professions where they use those skills. I qualified for the state tournament last year by getting second place in dramatic interpretation at the district qualifier and that was a big learning experience for me that I’m super grateful for.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
At the end of my junior year of high school I was elected student body government vice president for my school. It’s for my whole school because it’s so small there’s only about 500 total students. I was secretary last year and being in Student Body Government again makes me really happy. I get to work with great advisers and other students who all collaborate together to plan all kinds of school events. Prom is definitely the most fun to plan, because it’s a whole night of fun. We also plan bake sales and other fundraisers, whole school activities like the Fun Run and Ohana Day, and also school dances like the back to school dance, the Halloween dance, and the Valentine’s Day Dance.