The Better Business Bureau and Trust are important to local businesses because they give businesses a positive reputation, they help with gaining trust, and they help with the growth overall as a business.  By helping businesses in these three main areas, it helps bring the community together more because people feel they can trust each other more.

Having a positive reputation is a very good thing for local businesses and local communities because it helps out a lot with community outreach.  I interviewed the Counterfeiters and they said “if you have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau, your business has a better community outreach.”  This can lead to more than just community outreach though.  They were saying that “by having more community outreach, this makes people write more reviews and then people look at those reviews and it makes your business look good.”  Also, it is good for any business to have a positive reputation and I can say that the Counterfeiters have a very good reputation in this town, Juneau.

Of course, all of this is not possible without there being trust involved and that is another main thing that the BBB does for businesses, help them establish trust.  The Counterfeiters were saying that “building clientele as well as establishing yourself helps overall with growth, and gaining trust as a company.”  By gaining trust, you gain growth of sales because the trust factor allows for customers to see how you are doing and it makes them want to invest in your business.  Having trust in a local community is also good for more than business reasons because it can help the overall community come together more by not being afraid that everyone is going to rip them off or not treat them properly.

When customers invest in your business, it helps it grow as a whole and that is what the BBB and Trust do as well.  They help businesses grow as a whole by allowing them to gain a positive reputation, use that reputation to expand and get more community outreach, and build great reviews over time.  The Counterfeiters were saying that “the BBB is important because if you have a good reputation with the BBB, your business has a better community outreach.  People look at the reviews and they see this and that makes our business look good.  All of this is important for our business to have that positive recognition.”  The Counterfeiters have done very well in Juneau and continue to do well.  They have been able to succeed by working in conjunction with the BBB which helps businesses like them have a positive reputation, gain trust from local communities, and grow as an overall business.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a Junior at Thunder Mountain High School. I was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska and hope to live here in the future or if not here, then somewhere in Alaska. I like to go fishing in the summertime. I also really enjoy mountain biking and spending time with friends as well as focusing on academic studies. I want to attend UAA and take their 3 year Radiology program to help me pursue my goal of becoming an X-Ray Technician. I go commercial fishing up in Bristol Bay during the summer and enjoy it lots. Every winter, my friends and I enjoy building a sledding course off of the roof of our carport and down to the beach which takes a couple of days to build. Before I started commercial fishing, I used to, and still do on occasion, go out to our cabin on Shelter Island and spend the summer out there fishing, and gardening, and boating around because of my love for the outdoors. Aside from those activities, I enjoy spending lots of time with friends going hiking, or for drives, or going out to lunch or dances. Our math table group has created a friendship this year in which we spend time ice skating at the local ice rink, and going bowling. A town favorite, as well as mine, is to go hiking and mountain biking at the Mendenhall Glacier and the trails surrounding it.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
President’s Award (5th and 8th Grade): This award is given to students in recognition of their academic achievement. This is given to the student who shows positivity in accomplishing the tasks at hand, as well as being a positive role model for others. 
Band Award (8th Grade): This award is given to the student who was the most rounded overall in performance, classroom etiquette, and being a helper whenever the teacher needed it. This musician of the year award shows that the student understands the key aspects of being able to successfully play an instrument as well as demonstrating their knowledge on how to be a good role model in the classroom and on stage.
Science Award (9th Grade): This is given to the student who the teachers feel is the most responsible at keeping a team on task, as well as demonstrating good leadership skills in the classroom. The teachers feel that this student always has a positive attitude towards things and always strives to do their best at accomplishing what is at hand.
Hardest Worker Award (9th Grade): This is one of the few awards that are given to students participating in the Robotics program at school. This award is given to the student in which our coach felt worked the hardest on the tasks at hand and overall. I was the first person to receive this award because it was never an award before. Being the hardest worker means you are showing up at every practice, and devoting a lot of your time towards all of the tasks that you are assigned.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
Robotics: I am involved in the Thunder Mountain Robotics Program. There are 8 of us on our team, team 3081 Trial and Error. We are the oldest team in Alaska and this year, having won first place in the state robot competition, are advancing to Worlds in Houston, Texas April 17th-20th. Additional highlights was winning the Think Award at Regions and the Innovate award at state. We are the first team in Southeast Alaska to ever advance past the state competition. Every year there is a Regional tournament, which is held in various places around Southeast Alaska. Whomever wins, or receives an award at regions, moves on to the State tournament which is held in Anchorage, Alaska. This year, our team won Regions and State, and we hope to do well, and most importantly, have fun at Worlds.
School Mascot: I have been the school mascot for 2 years. Our schools mascot is a Falcon because we are the Thunder Mountain Falcons. Being the mascot, you are required to attend every game that the falcons play in. This would be boys and girls soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball games. I have really enjoyed being the mascot and hope there are many more fun memories left to come.
Band: I have been involved in the school band program since 6th grade. I play percussion, which is any instrument in the very back row. Each year, Thunder Mountain, and lots of other communities from around Southeast come together and for a week, play in front of, and listen to the other community’s unique talent at Music Fest. There are an average of 400 students who attend Music Fest each year. It is really fun and cool to see all these different talented musicians come together and create a wonderful harmony.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
Team Rep. for Innovation Summit: Advancing to the Worlds competition this year as part of the robotics team has come with some new opportunities and one of them was attending the Innovation Summit. During this event, businesses from all around Juneau came and gave a speech and advocated for their new ideas in which they thought was best for Juneau, and Alaska. We were invited to be part of it because company’s were interested in hearing how we problem solved and accomplished what we did to get to the point of advancing to Worlds. During this event, I was the team representative and was very delighted to have that role. I was greeting people, telling them about the Thunder Mountain Robotics program, what we do, and demonstrating our robot. In addition, I was advocating for our team, and explaining to community businesses why they should invest in our team and help send us to the World competition. This was a means to gain recognition, support, and local sponsorship. I had a fun time meeting new people and listening to what their ideas were in regards to making the community a better place. This is a big deal because the team asked me if I could attend and be the representative for the event in which we have only been invited 3 times. I learned from this experience that there are a lot of unique ideas out there and that our problem solving abilities relate to a lot more than just robotics, but to real world problems.