Ever since I was little, I remember being told by my parents that trust is the most important thing to uphold and maintain. They explained to me that people will trust me until I give them a reason not to, and if I ever made someone doubt their ability to trust me it would be very difficult to earn that trust back.

I only fully understood what my parents meant in saying this when I began working at a small business in the treasure valley two and a half years ago. Part of my job is to answer phone calls from customers and assist them in finding a solution to whatever problem they may be having. From my experience speaking to members of the public I learned not only how important trust is individually but how truly important it is to a business. Countless number of times I have spoken to a customer who told me that they have used our company for decades and would never let another company into their home. This meant a lot to me because it meant that over the years, we have continuously given this customer a satisfactory experience and therefore earned their trust, so they continue to use and recommend our company. I have also seen the opposite, just like any company sometimes we make mistakes, whether it be miscommunication in scheduling or a problem during a repair. I have spoken to customers who call in just to say they will not be using our company anymore due to these mistakes, we had lost their trust. There are also instances where a customer calls in frustrated about something we did, and I can work to first apologize and second assure them we will do everything possible to rectify our mistake, I work to assure them we will earn their trust back.

The Better Business Bureau is incredibly important in this process. For those who have not found a company they can trust in a valley for that they may be looking for, they can turn to the Better Business Bureau for a variety of resources provided by consumers and collected and organized by the BBB. This allows people to find a local company that people in the community have trusted so they can hope to have a positive experience when they call the company to assist them in their problem. As well as working to the consumers benefit it also helps local businesses, it provides a way for company’s who conduct their work in ethical ways to reach out to consumers and increase their client base, so they can continue to provide excellent service to the community.

Every day I am at work I remember what my parents told me about maintaining trust and how it’s my job to ensure that the community and its consumers can trust in our company. And the Better Business Bureau makes this possible and easier for our company and countless others around the community.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a senior at Eagle High School. During the past four years I have completed many AP and Honors classes as well as participating on the Speech and Debate team. One of the things my parents have emphasized to me is the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit. My father owns and operates a business that his father started in the Treasure Valley. It was important to him that I have a basic understanding of how a business operates. My first experience with this was when I was in third grade. I started growing pumpkins in the summer and when fall came I set up a stand in a busy neighborhood and sold the pumpkins on the sidewalk, I did this for two years. In fourth grade I began to participate in 4-H, selling market swine at the Western Idaho Fair. I spent April – August every year caring for and training the pigs before taking them to the fair to be judged and sold. The program also taught me to keep detailed records of expenses and profit. I participated in this program for five years and saved enough to purchase my first car which I now use to transport myself to my family’s business where I currently work. These experiences and what my parents have taught convinced me I want to own a small business someday. I look forward to attending College of Idaho this fall where I will major in Business Administration.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
 Three-time qualifier to State Speech and State Debate Tournaments (16, 17, 18)
– My Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years I qualified to compete at both the Idaho State Speech and Idaho State Debate Tournaments. I competed among the best competitors in the state and progressed to the elimination rounds in multiple events each year.
 Two-time qualifier to the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National tournament. 2017 Birmingham, AL – US Extemporaneous Speaking. 
2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL– Lincoln Douglas Debate and US Extemporaneous Speaking
– My Sophomore and Junior years I competed against the strongest competition my district has to offer and qualified to attend the National Speech and Debate Tournament where I have the opportunity to compete against the best debaters and speech competitors in the United States. 
 2018 Idaho State Extemporaneous Speech Champion, along with many other tournament championships
– After two years of competing in Extemporaneous Speaking I achieved the award of First place at the State tournament. This year, my Senior year, I have won three additional tournaments and am looking forward to competing for a back to back state championship. 
 NSDA 1st place Idaho Lincoln Douglas Debate (by point ranking Spring 18)
– At the end of my Junior year, after three years of competing in Lincoln Douglas Debate, I garnered enough points to be ranked #1in the State of Idaho for the Lincoln Douglas Debate.
 NSDA 1st place Extemporaneous Speech (by point ranking Spring 18)
– At the end of my Junior year, after competing in Extemporaneous Speaking for two years, I earned enough points to be ranked #1 in the State of Idaho for the event.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
For the past four years the majority of my time has been spent working within my Speech and Debate team. I decided to focus countless hours a week on this because I found a true passion for the Debate. Not only have I achieved high levels of success, but through participating in speech and debate I have had a tremendous amount of personal growth. In the fall I will be debating for and attending the College of Idaho with a partial scholarship.
Another extra-curricular activity I participated in was the American Legion Gem Boys State. During this program I spent a week on a college campus learning about the inner-workings of our state government. I also had the opportunity to participate in mock legislative sessions where we discussed and voted on bills relating to the prosperity of our state.
While I recognize this is not a school related activity I believe it is valuable to mention my job. For the last two and a half years I have worked at a local heating and air conditioning company as a customer service representative. I work full time during the summer and part time during the school year. This has helped me grow in many ways. I have learned how to interact in a professional environment, gained experience speaking with members of the community, and have learned how to engage with and communicate with people from diverse background who are experiencing a variety of stressful issues.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of taking on a number of leadership roles on my debate team. I have had the opportunity to lead and facilitate Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Lincoln Douglas Debate. In the position of team facilitator I am in charge of teaching new members of the EHS Speech and Debate team these particular events. I mentor my new and existing teammates by giving them tips on how they can better succeed. Through this collaboration I have come to value the team atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement. I often rely on the team members that I have mentored to watch my speeches and critic me or share any tips or pieces of information they have picked up from watching other competitors. I have also come to value my teammates more through this process. I learned that I value how much people desire to learn and respect them for continuously asking for advice and giving examples of how they did well, or how they feel they might need improvement. Overall my leadership experiences have helped me to appreciate how much work every member of my team puts in to achieving not only their individual success but to help other succeed as well. This is why EHS Speech and Debate has won a State Championship banner each of the last three years.