BBB and Trust are important to Local Businesses and communities because they help determine the legitimacy and the intent of business. It helps defer against businesses that have a bad track record and helps prove their legitimacy integrity. They help the community feel safe when purchasing from and interacting with these businesses. They give reassurance to the community and put pressure on business to stay legitimate and transparent because if they are hiding something BBB and Trust will be able to help expose that and be sure that the community has access to that knowledge. Businesses are able to use this grading system to understand their faults and what they should improve. It also sheds light on to what makes them trustworthy and builds upon that before it occurs.

A local business that is BBB Accredited, Get Nutz. Get Nutz is a very popular clothing brand in Hawaii and has a great community standing because of its popularity and legitimacy. It has solidified its community standing as a legitimate clothing brand in Hawaii. People trust this brand and have a good standing with it. They have great moral values and are known for how transparent they are. If they treated someone or did something that stands out and goes against their values it is very public.

Because they are accredited the community feels this safety and have a positive image of this clothing brand. It’s known by the community and the brand itself of its accreditation and it shows how transparent they are and that they have a duty to be on top of things and not to make any errors because they are at a higher standard. This local business relies on BBB Trust because it shows how they are viewed and helps them improve. They also gain exposure and acceptance from the community. This helps them prove to themselves and the community that they aren’t another business in the community but that they are an official legit business and are held at a higher standard.

BBB and Trust prove to the community that Get Nutz is a clothing brand that they can trust. It breaks down how reliable they are and their history and what grade they have received. The community is able to put there trust into this clothing brand without having to worry about any problems because if there accreditation. They break down how they were graded such as how they advertise, trust, honor, response, promise, and etc. If any of these things had anything that stood out they wouldn’t be able to get an A+ grade you would understand where any of their problems and would be able to make your decision based on that, instead of you finding out the hard way and having to learn from your mistake. But because of the BBB and Trust, you can learn about the business without having to worry about any problems occurring or if they do occur you won’t have to worry about having to struggle to get a solution.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am senior at Kamehameha Schools Maui and I take an hour and long bus-ride just to get to school and to get an education.I play year round baseball and have a part time job at adidas. I have been pursuing a career of owning my own clothing brand. I have gained experience in the clothing business for about seven years, shadowing my uncle who owns the most popular clothing brand in Hawaiʻi. For my senior project I was able to design a shirt that would be sold online. it nearly sold out entirely online within 24hrs. It was a great experience and boosted my drive and reassurance of my career choice. All the proceeds were donated to Samuel Kamakau Hawaiian immersion school. $2,200 was donated to them and they were very grateful. Since that project ive been doing freelance graphic design work for small brands and rappers. Iʻve been building a name for my self as gaining experience. Iʻve displayed great drive and potential for my career choice.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
I am a member of the art club where we are able to express our passion for art and work on our own art. But we also do service projects for the school and community. Recently for Thanksgiving we were able to work with young children in which we created thanksgiving themed arts and crafts projects. They were able to share there projects with there parents in which they were able to express what they were thankful for. I am also a member of the creators club which is club to express our passions for art, music, clothing, etc. Its a group of young entrepreneurs who share common interest and discuss current trends and continue to motivate each other on our passions and interests. I have been playing for the school for 4yrs but have been playing year round baseball for about 7yrs. Its a big part of my life mainly because Ivʻ been surrounded it for so long, my father and grandfather played and have coached baseball. Its taught me so much and I have so much fond memories of being on that field. Its helped me with develop team work and a work habit thats helped me excel in school and in life.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
A leadership role that Ive held is that I am the oldest of 4 and Ive had to be a role model for my siblings and have to lead by example. Ive helped take care and raise them,I hope to lead and motivate to the right path. Im proud to be an older brother and take pride in being one. I try my best to help them and give them advice. I want to learn from my mistakes and take what I tell them and build upon them. Because Ivʻe never had an older sibling it was harder for me to learn and do things because I had to do it all on my own but they have a head start and I hop Ivʻe made it little easier for them. I just hope that Ive inspired and lead them in the right direction as an older brother.