While the Wall Street Diner in Spokane Washington may be one of the lesser-discussed restaurants in the town, it is certainly a favorite spot for the many who know of it.  While many small businesses thrive due to word-of-mouth, their customers attracting and introducing new customers to the business, the Better Business Bureau plays a huge role in the success of these smaller businesses in the midst of industry giants.

How exactly does the Better Business Bureau do this?  To begin with, the BBB supports companies that value trust, honesty, and integrity, and requires that a company meets these somewhat strict accreditation standards in order to become a business certified and accredited by the BBB.  While this may discourage some businesses from applying, or prevent some businesses from becoming accepted by the BBB, it ensures people that, when they see a company that is accredited by the BBB, it is without a doubt a trustworthy company that is a valuable asset to the business landscape in their area.  In addition to the positive ethos gained from simply holding the title of being an accredited BBB business, there are numerous other benefits for the accepted companies.

One of these benefits is being easily found in BBB’s search engine, which shows all businesses in the area, and can be filtered to show only accredited businesses.  This means, for example, if someone was new to town and was looking for a place to eat, they could search for “food” on the website, and likely stumble across businesses like the Wall Street Diner.  Another benefit of being recognized by BBB is the ranking.  Upon acceptance, and reviewed over time, the businesses that are accredited by the BBB earn a letter grade based on how well they adhere to BBB’s standards, meaning a company with an “A+” ranking, like the Wall Street Diner has, is one that rarely disappoints customers, and does everything they can to right their wrongs in the event that someone is unhappy.  This again only adds to the company’s reputation, and serves as valuable bragging rights and advertisement material.

Some may argue that people would rather look up the restaurant on Google reviews, or on a site like the popular Yelp! website, but these reviews do not have a unified set of standards like BBB’s grading system does, and do not have the backing of numerous business evaluation professionals, instead only having angry customers with a smartphone who will leave a one-star review if they thought the waitress looked at them funny.

While there are numerous other benefits to being a part of the BBB, the positive company image on display to the community based on BBB’s strict accreditation and grading system helps to ensure customers that they are making the right choice when they decide to purchase from a certain business, and no doubt helps small businesses like the Wall Street Diner be seen by a vast customer base that may have chosen to spend their money elsewhere.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am an involved Running Start student at Mt. Spokane High School. I participate (and have participated) in, band, cross country, track, and numerous volunteering activities. I always try my best to output the highest quality work I am capable of doing, and never settle for anything less. I love music and outdoor activities, and truthfully find myself developing a passion and skill for whatever it may be that I want to do. People describe me as hard-working, organized, resourceful, and friendly. After graduating high school with both my diploma and my Associate’s degree, I plan to attend Washington State University in Pullman and obtain my Bachelor’s degree with a major in business management and leadership.
List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement
Some awards I have received related to academic achievement involve National Honors Society (Freshman year to present), a Leadership Award (through band program, only one is given out a year), Rob Ekholm Memorial Award (through band, it is given based on overall demeanor and work ethic, and was given to me specifically for my contributions to the fifth grade band program). I have also received the Regents Scholars Award (the $16,000 one, not the full ride) from WSU.
Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities
I participate in Mt. Spokane’s Jazz Band, participated in marching band my freshman year, and have done soccer, track and field, and cross country throughout the years. I also participate in the Unified Basketball team, assisting lesser-abled students in playing basketball, which has been an incredible experience. Band and sports have helped allow me to meet many new people and learn valuable lessons about acceptance and not tolerating prejudice.
Explain at least one leadership role that you have held
One important leadership role I have held was being the captain of the cross country team my senior year. During my time as captain, I planned events and sent out emails informing the athletes and parents of upcoming races and practices. Trying to keep a team of over thirty high-school boys and their parents informed and in-line was quite the challenge, but I was lauded for my good work and later received a leadership award from the coaches. I was also a supervisor at a county pool. On my first day in the position, someone ended up quitting in the middle of the day. I was put on the spot to fill in for them temporarily on top of my normal duties, and was tasked with finding someone from the staff who was available to replace them for the day. While I did contact the manager to inform them, I handled the majority of the issue myself and was praised for my calm reaction to the issue.